About Me (Biography)
1957 Date of birth
1972-1976 School of Musical Instrument Making
1976-1979 Craftsman in workshop producing musical instruments (Luby - Schönbach)
1980-1994 Curator in museum (Karlovy Vary)
1994 - Now Full-time professional lute maker

I have been interested in lute making since I first began my studies. I finished my first instrument in 1984. My initial experience was gained from working with master Czech guitar maker Josef Kubla. My most important experience, however, came from a short educational visit to the workshop of German lute maker Günter Mark in Utrecht in 1992. Further experience was acquired from visiting a summer school of lute making directed by the English lute maker David van Edwards in 1993.

Besides lute making, I dedicate my time to researching the historical lutes housed in the Czech Museum of Music.